Tokenization made compliant

IVE.ONE is a crypto regulation issuer platform that prevents from blockchain related AML & sanction risks - so that you can focus on your business.

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Peer-2-Peer Tokenized Asset trading

IVE.ONE's smart contract is build to "transfer the ownership" with legal adaptation. Every transaction is automatically permission checked with different rule stacks to prevent from transaction risks.

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Integrated KYC, KYB & AML checks

Provide your investors the best global identity providers that practice banking-grade KYC, KYB & AML checks. For each jurisdiction IVE.ONE automatically supports the identification workflow and ensures where potential investors are domiciled.

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Globally compliant in an instant

IVE.ONE provides a one-stop-shop regulation box with approved rule-stacks from high-class lawyers around the world. Simply choose or adjust regulatory changes at any time to protect yourself from legal breach.

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Create your Security Token in a few second

The smart contract is prepared to meet various global regulation requirements and was audited by the one of europeans best auditor. We are blockchain agnostic and can adapt to all blockchain protocols from Ethereum, NEO, EOS, Stellar and much more.

Further Advantages

Monitoring Financial ACtivities

Regulators for specific jurisdictions or issuers of security tokens can easily request the transaction history, cap table, etc. over a report or dashboard.

Blockchain Agnostic

IVE.ONE meets all market blockchain standards for future tokenized assets. You are not stuck to a protocol or token and can reach the global community.

PLATform independent

IVE.ONE is a platform independent solution that consists out of different containers. These containers can easily be integrated as add-on for exchanges, issuing platforms or wallets.

Further incorporated services

IVE.ONE builds the best ecosystem to run a security token offering. We are always looking for potential partners who wants to join the future of tokenization. Let us know if you want to be part of it and get in touch with us.


Know Your Token is an integrated service that screens every crypto transaction from issuing to secondary trading. And the clue - it's connected to an identity.

CRYPTO Forensics

As issuer you have the possibility to report illegal transactions or stop the complete token sale. We build in risk taking measurements so that you can focus on your business.


A multi tax service for different jurisdictions supports the issuer and all in his ecosystem involved parties with the right reports for taxation.

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