Regulation on blockchain for compliant tokenization

IVE.ONE product of Agora Innovation GmbH is an innovative crypto regulation software platform for running a security token offering. We prevent your forward thinking company from blockchain related Anti-Money-Laundering & Sanction Risks - so you can focus on your business.

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IVE.ONE is the most powerful tool with flexible modules for tokenization of assets. Whether you tokenize securities, real-estates, power plants, or an employee stock option program, IVE.ONE’s issuer-friendly platform with their diligent APIs and unmatched functionality creates a globally regulated, compliant and transferable token. Companies planning a security token offering are scaling faster and more efficient by building their business on a regulated framework of IVE.ONE.  

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Globally compliant

Institutional or private investors interested in investing into crypto assets and issuers executing securities cannot bear the reputational risk of transacting with drug dealers, money launderers or terrorists.

Token Attached Regulation (TAR)

IVE.ONE is a regulation layer on blockchain. We identify all regulatory requirements based on a jurisdiction check at token level. The issuer can place a global (e.g. cross-border) security token offering, avoid sanction risks and create trust.

Security Token Transaction Monitoring

At any time IVE.ONE provides transparency amongst all participants from regulators, issuers to retail investors. The issuer has full control of his security token flow in the primary and secondary market via a simple dashboard.

Identity Verification

IVE.ONE connects anonymous wallet with the digital ID to make tokenized crypto transactions globally regulated and compliant. The identification process prevents security token transactions into embargoed and sanctioned countries to protect issuers and investors.

Audit & Reporting

Real-time adjustments of constantly regulatory changes around the world and even after the token generation event (TGE) are easily manageable for the issuer with IVE.ONE. All relevant reports to protect your business meet the regulatory standards like MiFiD II and AMLD5.


Tokenization already started and it is becoming a regulated mechanism for fundraising. Here are some examples of projects that are currently using IVE.ONE.

Germany's biggest seed investor

"We are convinced that the market for security tokens will grow strongly and at the same time see the challenge for issuers to meet the current regulatory requirements for security tokens in various jurisdictions. With IVE.ONE, the Agora team is developing a technical solution that will enable issuers to respond quickly to regulatory changes even after token issuance and only allow transactions that comply with the rules and regulations of different jurisdictions. In our opinion, IVE.ONE thus enables issuers to tap the enormous potential of the (peer-to-peer) secondary market."

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